Saturday, May 15, 2010

[Why :(]

I waited.. But you didnt come....

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Monday, May 10, 2010

[Why? :(]

U dont have to tell me... i could have guessed anyway... Why are you sad when u already.... haiz... i guess this marks the end of _ _ _ _ _ _ and the beginning of another failure :( I should be the one who's _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ now... You are fortunate... or am i cursed with such a fate..? Idk now... Its so confusing. Now i envy you...

If the roof came down and the truth came out
would i know what to do?
Or will i be stuck in this roof
i never wanted to...

i still _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

[idk what to say...]

why did it had to be exam period? Now my mood is ruined... but now at least i think i will let go... I guess that it was just a dream^^ you have to wake up from a dream eventually right^^ im glad u probably have one now^^ And i will probably put my 100% in my mye now^^ Another dream has probably ended... what now?

idk mans

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Exams are round th corner^^. Idk if im prepared for it :x. Just failed like 90% of my amaths tests:( thts y im gonna study hard mans! Jy to all my friends too^^ gd luck^^ after exams can play and online like siao le XD last but not least.... ilu^^...


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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yes, i've started on my newest post in like 5mths?O.o And not for a gd cause... anyways, i went to church today^^ took my lunch at my grandmother's house, listened to songs with my cousin^^ then home sweet home... well...its getting late... shall try to salvage this blog...(although;s no one's listening) which is a gd thing actually^^

i realised that my home will never be a peaceful place i've longed for anymore...

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Very the long bo post le. Next year going 2pBg! Double science suits me well enough... dont feel like competing with the scholars next year. Too stressfull. :x Oh ya.... Class chalet was fun as ever. Same feeling as last year... Played midnight soccer with my friends.... then in the end with another grp of teengers... and thrashed them! FTW! Also went to arcade... wanted to watch movie but had to go home... sob... Haven bought my long pants yet... v.b. training continues.... and we just clinched 4th in the minicup... Damn noob right? lost to pungool sec by 1 pt! haiz. Sadded.... Well thts all... hope to post agn soon^^ (and btw... i lazy change :x)

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


sorry! so long nvr post liao. psps. wonder if anyone still visits my blog?

Anyways, this was what happened yesterday.... (I may have offended few ppl in this post...hope you will forgive me for bad mouthing u all and sry:( ^^) It began in the morning....I wanted to do my business(big one), but could'nt come out...Then went to schl^^. Reached schl.... ~~~~Recess~~~ went to toilet to s**t.. Then during lunch had to do my el att cos mrs raymond said that my analysis of the poem too SHORT! WTF! But the call of nature really had to bother me in the middle of my writing.... So had to leave of analysis for ltr and let ck draw the orthographic drawing of our car^^... When i came back, I found out that my ball bin of the car came out.... was very pissed off and sad cos i measured everything nicely the day before to make sure the car did not go haywire(travel sideways)... so had to reconnect the ball bin(string) using marcus's tape... who knew marcus's tape was so "strong"? Had to replace the tape a few times before the test(car). ....DNT.... went to workshop....tested the car for the first round...guess whd? Apparently, the tape wasn't sticky enough to hold the string....haiz... Then went to replace the tape again... who knew that suddenly,... a guy from the workshop wanted to help us(he did not sound as polite as this). Then he said,"your string so easy to break...) after which, he pulled the string to "show" that the string could break so easily. I was like WTF!!! break my string!!!! I used it for like 5 tries still can he dare say cannot!!! bash him up sia.... So he did everything he could..... in the end got a 0 out of 10... could have got a 4-6 if he weren't there.... :(
(do not carry on reading if you feel that you are angry)
Used up all my time for what? NOTHING! !&*^&!!!@!#&()&#(*! hang on...reaching the end le^^ remember the el att? I had to pass it up on the day itself.... so just wrote another 6lines and went to find teacher to hand up... but they were having a meeting....lucky after 15mins, I spotted another teacher and "pleaded" her to hand it to raymond... Not only I had wasted my 15mins... I caused 6 of my friends to wait for me in the process... I really wanted to apologise but jy said they could w8. but still... SRY guys :(... Going back home... someone said something that i really did not know if I wanted to apologise or bash him/her up... never mind..... END~~~ (im really sorry if i offended anyone... sry.. it really was my unlucky day... 25th.... I'll remember it..)

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